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When was the last time you were out on the lake on a hundred degree day and wished you could go to your refrigerator and get ICE OR A COLD DRINK or keep your food cold for weeks or get warm by a furnace or fire-pit or heater? I wished the same and did something about it - I built a custom kitchenette enclosure. I am a domestic dealer (one of the worlds largest manufactures of RV appliances) and tested out on our own pontoon boat. Now, you can have your pontoon boat set up like a houseboat with the comforts of home : STAINLESS STEEL SINK / FRESH WATER / ON DEMAND HOT WATER / STOVE/ HEATER/ FURNACE / FIREPLACE OR PIT / BBQ GRILL / STORAGE and whatever else you could imagine. It is nice to convert a pontoon boat to be a livable boat because you can still easily trailer your boat around to different lakes, Where it is not practicable with a houseboat. I have been here in the industrial fabrication and RV business in Colorado Springs for the past 30 years and have built just about anything you could imagine. Call me with what you would like and a drawing of what you imagine. I do need a floor-plan with exact sizes of space available and the items you would want and we can get started on putting a price together. Any gas appliance will have to be mounted in the open well ventilated area or a exterior wall for proper ventilation (vent and service doors installed to the outside are required and since propane is a heavy gas some vents might be required to be vented through the floor), Construction materials are mostly rot resistant expanded PVCs (lightweight and strong), acrylics, stainless steel fasteners and items found in the RV trade. Call today 719 579-0598

This award was made for the International Space Symposium at the Broadmoor Hotel.

This was a mock-up model for a satelite dish for demonstration as a trade show display.