Let Dualsport accessories help you convert your motorcycle to the ultimate offroad machine!

Dualsport Accessories

We custom make racks to work with the Promoto Billets rack. Our racks are made out of Chrome Molly and then powder coated black. Since our rack is Chrome Molly, it will stand up to what you throw at it - unlike our competitions racks which are rated up to 15 lbs. and are made out of aluminum. We sell the complete system for all KTM 2004 or newer size 125 - 525. The system consists of a Promoto Billet rack, Tanner bags, and our rack for $549. If you want just our rack for a KTM 2004 or newer, the price is $249. We also sell the tanner bags for $99. These bags are fabric so you do not have to worry about the metal one breaking your frames. They are water resistent, so you do not have to worry about your things getting wet. The bags can be easily detached within 2 minutes for when you are not using them. Installation is available at our location in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For a full list of details, feel free to contact us, either by calling or by e-mail.